It may be that magical time of the year when spirits of Christmas color your life and you start thinking about gifts for all your loved ones. Every woman loves to have a wonderful and unique Christmas décor that will be the perfect backdrop for those special family gatherings. How would you like to make your own Christmas night lights instead of the common off the shelf lights that decorate millions of houses? Glass block lights will be perfect gift for your friends or you can have fantastic decorations at home that would be the envy of all.

Glass block lights do not cost you a fortune to make. People tend to feel gratified and exhilarated when they know their gifts are specially hand made by the giver. If you can add an extra touch of creativity you can even turn it into a profitable business. So explore the novel concept of Christmas glass block lights and read on to find out how to make them on your own.

With a few simple and easy steps you are on your way to having a beautiful creation in Christmas glass blocks. First you need to gather the necessary tools.

You start with making a hole in the glass block using the glass hole cutter. You will have to insert the glass cutter into the drill and start drilling the marked spot in the block without adding any extra pressure. You must do this with great care and patience as not to shatter the glass. Make sure the glass block is not mobile during cutting process and apply a bit of vegetable oil to the block to evade chafing of the glass. After making the hole you should rinse the glass block well with water to remove fragments of glass remaining and let it dry well before commencing the next step.

Now you are ready to put a beautiful decoration on your Christmas glass block. You can use a fantastic decoration to match Christmas settings, just remember to select something that shine effectively through the glass. Instead of transfers you can also use your creative talents and put in stickers, stencils or Christmas cards to make a beautiful decoration.

Now you can carefully put in the string of fairy lights through the hole you drilled. Make sure you seal wire ends with good electric tape before putting them in to the glass block.

Now you are almost done except for the finishing touches. Wrap your Christmas glass block with a stunning wired ribbon and put in a dashing bow at the top. You will have to use some adhesive to keep the ribbon secure.

Some handy tips for you

  • Recycle your old Christmas cards to come up with an unexpected creation

  • Use some water or proper lubricant on the drill bit so that it will not overheat during drilling and crack the glass

Perfecting the art of making your own Christmas glass blocks is so easy. You’ll be thrilled to see how happy others are when they get your hand made wonderful gift of a Christmas glass block light.