Glass Block Night Lights: an exciting hobby!

Crafting is something everybody should perform time to time: is relaxing, even therapeutic and can be a wonderful idea to spend a cold afternoon or also a evening instead of watching television.

The result makes you feel very proud if it's good enough to be shown to friends and relatives and it can also be an excellent way to prepare a gift for someone special.

Deciding the right thing to craft is not always very easy: there are so many choices! Some can be very easy, some might require special skills that not everybody has.... Some require expensive tools or material difficult to find and other are project too long to perform.....

But there is a hobby which is getting more and more popular, easy to perform and which gives great results! The hobby is glass block night lights crafting. Lighted glass blocks are easy to make, once you know few tricks, and the results are always spectacular.

What glass block lights are? Remember the glass block tiles to make walls, windows and panels? Don't be surprised! Those tiles can turn into a great lamp!

Glass block lights are those tiles filled with tiny, Christmas-like, lights and then decorated with some paint (a drawing or a sentence), or with a decal, or with a decoupage or even only with a fabric bow! However you decide to decorate your glass block lights, your success is guaranteed and once lighted your item will give a very cozy feel to your home.

You can use a string of one color lights, or a multi color string for different effects; it is better to use lights with white string, unless you are going to paint your glass tile or are going to spray over it a thick coat of frost paint which will hide the cord.

If you plan to prepare some lighted glass blocks to give as presents for next holidays or other special occasions as a birthday, a wedding, a baby shower or the alike, you should start early. This way you'll have enough time to improve your skills and experiment with different options or materials. Search for the things you need to start this new and satisfactory hobby are not difficult to find and there are some good places with plenty of choice and interesting prices.

Your glass block night lights will pleased everyone: you can be sure that your next gift will be a great success!

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