Creating your own glass block lights can be very exciting and a real fun. It might even turn into a lucrative business if you decide to sell them, or at least a money-saver if you give them as presents instead of buying expensive and impersonal gifts.

All you need to start such a craft project is some practice, patience and to know few tips and tricks that can save you time and money.

First the glass blocks: they are easy to find but the difficult part is to drill them. True is, also pre-drilled glass blocks are sold, or you can even go at a professional glass cutter to have the hole made, but if you want to start mastering this art you should learn how to drill a glass block (without breaking it!).

First you need a drill or a drill press. Then use a diamond 1/2" drill bit and put the block on a firm surface: drilling very slowly and with little pressure is the key of your success! Use water as a lubrificant (or a specific oil or even edible oil!) to keep the drill bit cool and compressed air to blow the dust out. It is a wise precaution to wear safety equipment: glasses to protect eyes, ear protection and also a breathing mask to avoid breathing the glass dust.

You might need to get some practice with the drill and it might even happen that few blocks end broken. Just remember to be very patient, using the drill very slowly and without applying much pressure.

One of the main problems after making the hole is the glass dust which tends to remain inside the blocks. There are many ways you can use to get rid of it, but the best of all is to wash the block with warm water (without soap) IMMEDIATELY after the hole is made. Rinse the block carefully and then let it dry few days.

 Now the creative part of the work can start: you are really limited only by your imagination!

One of the simplest yet effective ideas is to wrap a beautiful ribbon around it and create a beautiful, big bow on the top of the glass block. If this is the kind of glass block light you are after, insert the lights inside the block: you don't need to be careful and let the little lights adjust themselves inside the block: the result is always wonderful!

If you want to dare a little more, you can decorate the glass before inserting the lights: you have lots of choices!! Here are few ideas: draw a simple object on one of the biggest sites of the block; then you can stick on the drawing little translucent glass tiles thus creating a colorful mosaic.

Or you can decoupage a nice graphic on the block or stick a laminated illustration or a decal, or paint with glass paints a scene or an object or even a sentence or a dedication..... The choice is really yours, but whatever you decide the result is always wonderful and magic!